Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience
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Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience

A few years ago, I realized that my dad needed to move into a care facility instead of living with us. He was always depressed and he needed to be around more people his own age. It was a really difficult decision, but after we moved him into a care facility, he really blossomed. It was great to see him happy, healthy, and enjoying things on his own. This blog is here to help other people to enjoy their own lives and to care for loved ones who need special assistance. I know that with the help of assisted living, everyone can enjoy a better life.


Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience

When Your Aging Parent Can't Care For Their Home Anymore: What To Consider

Nora Jones

It can be hard to tell if your parent is alright to live on their own, or if they need the assistance of others as time goes on. If you don't feel 100 percent comfortable having them go to bed and wake on their own every night, or doing things around their home, it may be time to look into assisted living options.

Find a Counselor, Get Support

If you have other siblings or people that can influence your parent, you have to get their support and you need the others to rally behind you. It may be best to talk with a counselor at the assisted living facility you want your parent to go to, to talk with them about presenting the information to your parent and making the transition. If your parent isn't willing you may not be able to get the move to happen.

Search for Independent Options

Your parent may not like the idea of being watched or being forced to live with a lot of other people, but they still need help now and then. Look for living centers that offer the following:

  • Private room
  • Apartment style living
  • Around the clock nurses available
  • Transportation options for outings and shopping

These are just a few of the things your parent may be interested in, and that can convince them that it's time to make the change. They can live an independent life, but have people around them in case of an emergency.

Get Cost Breakdowns

Every facility you're going to look at will have a cost. You'll want to get a cost breakdown from each nursing home to see what you get with the money that you have to pay, and to see if your parent will be able to afford that living facility. You may have to look at their finances to see what is the most affordable and practical in the long term.

If your parent often needs you to run to their house to do things for them, or if they aren't capable of taking care of the property on their own, it may be time to make the change and get them out of their property and into a place where they don't ever have to be alone. A senior independent living center allows them to have the private aspects of their life that they enjoy, but still have care if necessary.