Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience
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Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience

A few years ago, I realized that my dad needed to move into a care facility instead of living with us. He was always depressed and he needed to be around more people his own age. It was a really difficult decision, but after we moved him into a care facility, he really blossomed. It was great to see him happy, healthy, and enjoying things on his own. This blog is here to help other people to enjoy their own lives and to care for loved ones who need special assistance. I know that with the help of assisted living, everyone can enjoy a better life.

Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience

4 Recruiting Tips for Finding the Right Home-Health Employees

Nora Jones

If you run a home healthcare service, a vital part of keeping your organization running depends upon your ability to hire qualified home-health employees. Here are a few recruiting tips that will help improve your hiring and recruiting process.

#1: Advertise on Niche Job Sites

Many people nowadays start their job searches online, and that is why it is important that you advertise on the sites that the potential candidates that you want to hire are looking for jobs on. You'll want to advertise on niche job sites that cater to the healthcare industry. These are the first sites that healthcare workers will turn to when looking for jobs, so make sure your open positions are listed on healthcare job-posting sites. You may have to pay a small fee to post your jobs, but it is worth it to get the exposure for your company and access to a large pool of qualified candidates.

#2: Use Free Job Sites

In addition to niche job sites, there are numerous sites where you can advertise job openings for free. Craigslist allows you to list job openings for free and allows you to reach individuals who are specifically looking for jobs within the area where your business operates. You can also post on national job boards that allow you to put up free listings, such as,, and This isn't an exhaustive list, but these are a few examples of sites where you can advertise for free.

#3: Attend Local Job Fairs

Next, in order to reach local individuals who are interested in working within the home healthcare field, you need to make yourself more visually present within your community. A great way to do this is by attending local job fairs and local fairs where you can set up an event and advertise your services. Search online or reach out to your local chamber of commerce to find out more about local job fairs and general healthcare fairs that your business can participate in. This is a great way to reach your target potential employee.

#4: Advertise on Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of many individual lives. If you want to reach out to qualified, tech-friendly candidates, you need to also advertise potential job openings on social media. For example, you can purchase advertisements on Facebook that allow you to target a very specific demographic. You can also use LinkedIn to find individuals in your area who have home healthcare qualifications and reach out to them to see whether they would be interested in interviewing with your company. You can use sites like Twitter and Instagram to promote your business and to advertise that you are hiring. By using all the social-media sites at your disposal, you'll be able to reach a larger pool of potential applicants.

If you want to grow your home healthcare business, you need to find the right employees to help you grow. Use the four strategies above to expand your job search and reach out to more potential candidates. 

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