Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience
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Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience

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Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience

Ways That Your Parent's Physical Health Can Improve Upon Moving Into A Nursing Home

Nora Jones

Many people help to move their elderly parents into nursing homes because of the care their parents can receive in these facilities. While getting help with taking medication and no longer having to cook and clean can certainly be beneficial, it's also worth thinking about how your parents' physical health can improve upon moving into such a facility. If you're concerned that your parents' health is declining in any number of ways, relocating them to a nursing home can lead to some improvement. Here are some ways that your parents' health can improve in this new living environment.

Better Balance

People often struggle with balance as they age, which can be a concern. When an individual suffers from poor balance, he or she can easily fall, which can result in a wide range of health complications and injuries. Your parents' balance can improve while living in a nursing home because of the availability of exercise classes. By partnering with a trainer to perform some weight-training exercises, your parents can build stronger muscles to offset the muscle atrophy that can occur during the aging process. This can help them feel more stable on their feet, thus resulting in a smaller risk of falling.

Improved Mobility

People who remain in their own homes as they age may be afraid to go outside for fear of falling. This can lead to them feeling stiff and sore due to limited mobility. A nursing home is an ideal way to improve mobility for your parents. The long hallways are perfect for walking up and down, and the lack of stairs means that your parents will be able to walk laps of the home to reduce feelings of being stiff and sore. Additionally, the hallways are customarily lined with railings; even if your parents have balance issues, they can still get walking while holding onto the railing.

Weight Loss

Weight gain can occur through a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet. If your parents are exercising at their nursing home, this can help lead to weight loss. Additionally, an improved diet is also beneficial. Residents can choose from a variety of food options each day that are healthy. Many facilities will even offer menus for those attempting to lose weight. As your parents shed some pounds, they will notice a number of benefits. For example, knee pain can often decline upon losing weight.

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