Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience
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Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience

A few years ago, I realized that my dad needed to move into a care facility instead of living with us. He was always depressed and he needed to be around more people his own age. It was a really difficult decision, but after we moved him into a care facility, he really blossomed. It was great to see him happy, healthy, and enjoying things on his own. This blog is here to help other people to enjoy their own lives and to care for loved ones who need special assistance. I know that with the help of assisted living, everyone can enjoy a better life.


Improving Your Loved One's Nursing Home Experience

Activities That Your Elderly Parent Can Take Up In An Senior Living Community

Nora Jones

One of the benefits of having your parent move into a senior living community is that the facility's staff will take care of the time-consuming tasks that your parent may have struggled with while living independently. With cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other such household activities no longer part of your parent's day-to-day schedule, he or she will be able to enjoy devoting more time to pleasurable things. Senior living communities typically have an events coordinator who keeps residents engaged by organizing a wide range of activities. This will give your parent the chance to take up a variety of new hobbies. Here are some examples.


If your parent hasn't experienced art, now might be the time for him or her to give it a try. Senior living communities will often have a variety of art programs that your parent can enjoy. Painting, drawing, coloring, and working in mixed media can all be on the agenda. This new hobby can give your parent a chance to explore his or her creativity, and using a different part of the brain can be an effective way to stay sharp mentally during the aging process. Many facilities have dedicated art rooms, meaning that residents can begin a project and leave it in a state of semi-completion for a period of days or weeks until wrapping it up.


Finding time for daily exercise can be a challenge when the jobs required to run a household take up much of the day. Upon moving into a senior living community, though, your parent will be able to explore some exercises to keep healthy physically and mentally. The available options are typically broad — for example, there may be a guided walking group that takes residents through paths on the property. Or, there may be a yoga class with poses that are designed for seniors. In some cases, they'll even be able to perform yoga while seated in chairs.


While your elderly parent may not dream of taking up an instrument at his or her age, there can often be an opportunity to get involved in music. Many senior living communities have vocal groups that get together regularly and sing while accompanied by a pianist. Occasionally, these groups will put together shows for family members, especially during the Christmas season. The group may also have a chance to perform outside the facility; for example, visiting a local school to sing songs with the young students.